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10.05.2017 18:54

In the first stage, we encouraged young families who are the Rimon Jewish Community Center programs beneficiaries to volunteer on the project called Holiday in a Jewish Home. We were expecting around 20 volunteers, but actually, there were more people eager to clean up the premises and get everything ready for Passover celebration. As a result, 9 families (33 people in total) took part in the project.

Due to the fact that we had so many volunteers, the project has expanded, and we offered help to rabbi Shevach Zlatopolsky, Director of Ohr Avner Chabad Day School of Almaty.

The first team cleaned up the premises on April, 9. The second team cooked for the Passover Seder on April, 10 (they boiled eggs, butchered and cooked chickens, peeled and grated apples, etc.).

Their efforts and help were greatly appreciated by rabbi Shevach Zlatopolsky. The school staff also cooked salads and hot dishes for Passover celebration.

We would like to thank the School Board for offering us namely April, 11, the second day of Passover for the implementation of our project. This allowed both participants and organizers to feel the solemnity and the importance of the holiday.

The third team of volunteers decorated the hall and the tables for Passover Seder.

Each beneficiary received a copy of the Haggadah adapted to their age. At the Hesed and school library, children received a colorful illustrated copy of Passover guide to the Seder while adults received a commented version of the manuscript. Besides, our volunteers prepared traditional Passover Seder plates (kearas) for each invitee.

On April, 11, at 8:30 p.m. everything was ready for Passover celebration. Our volunteers went out to meet the guests, also young families. All the invitees (welfare clients) came on time, and the celebration began with a prayer in the prayer hall of the school. Rabbi Shevach Zlatopolsky held the Seder.

We sat down at the table. Men and women were sitting separately. We talked, laughed, felt like a large and happy family, and celebrated until early morning. The invitees were very grateful to the organizers for such a great program.

The event contributed to the strengthening of Jewish traditions in young families and promoted volunteer initiatives among youth. We hope that the good deeds done by the young families who are the Rimon Jewish Community Center beneficiaries will be continued by our guests who are also young families and welfare clients at the same time.