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18.06.2017 14:13

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is an international memorial day on 27 January commemorating the tragedy of the Holocaust that occurred during the Second World War. “It is extremely important to retain the memory of the Holocaust victims and support the Holocaust memory campaign launched by the World Jewish Congress,” – such an opinion expressed Alexander Baron, President of the Mitzvah Association of Jewish National Organizations of Kazakhstan, member of the Council of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, member of the Presidium of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. Shoah. Calamity. Holocaust. “Six million Jews were murdered as part of the Nazi policy to destroy all Jews in Europe, as emerged from the Nuremberg trials. Today, we remember the names of the Holocaust survivors and pay tribute to the Righteous Among the Nations who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust. We must retain the memory of this terrible tragedy to make sure that it never happens again”.

Ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the World Jewish Congress launched a global campaign encouraging millions of people to speak out on social media, to raise awareness about the Holocaust. The campaign called on people in every country to hold up a sign with the words “We Remember”, and post it to social media with the hashtag #WeRemember.




In Kazakhstan, the Jewish Communities of Almaty, Semey, Karaganda, Pavlodar, and Shymkent joined the campaign to support the world Jewry’s commitment to preserving and maintaining peace on the earth.

The Kazakhstan Mitzvah Association and the VIII International Scientific-Practical Conference on the history of evacuation of refugees during the Second World War in Central Asia and Western Siberia also supported the Holocaust memory campaign.



On January 27, 2017, the Mitzvah Association in cooperation with the Consulate General of Hungary in Almaty had a reception in the House of Friendship of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan where our volunteers showed a presentation composed of photographs with the words “We Remember” displayed by the Almaty Jewish Community members within the framework of the Holocaust memory campaign.

Such Holocaust memory campaigns remind us how important, precious and invaluable human life is, how easy it is to break peace, how important it is to retain the memory and not to forget the names of the Holocaust victims who were murdered simply because they were Jews.

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